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Eli in the studio


I’m a composer with a passion for sharing stories that impact our lives through music. I love the journey of sensing moments, visualizing colors and listening to the sounds around me, and then weaving them to form a composition. With an orientation toward making the right connection to a particular story, I look to nature, the people around me and every-day occurrences, as I search for the simple things that change our lives, and put them to music.

One of my latest compositions was played at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona; a piece for guitar duo, inspired by the painting “The Californi.” This work was performed by Marta Crous and Lluís Vila.

I have composed for both large and small jazz ensembles, Orchestral music and chamber pieces for a variety of projects: from soundtracks to concert stage performance and electronic music.

In 2020, I composed for my first Feature film "Los pájaros no vuelan de noche", and in 2021 I finish the second feature film with a director from Mexico, Rodrigo Alvarez Flores, "Soy lo que nunca fui".

In 2022 I received an award for the best soundtrack at the Godarines film festival in Barcelona for Helix Aspersa.

at 2020 I received a nomination for the best soundtrack at K-lidoscopi Film Festival. 

In 2019 I compose the soundtrack for the short film Rígido by Pablo Mirellas Alvarez & Fernando López Gómez have received a serval prizes from different Film Festivals around the world.

In 2017 I created an audiovisual project called Visible Lines with the main purpose of exposing more people to contemporary classical music via performances in alternative stages.

As a child and throughout my early adulthood I surrounded myself with film and local theatre. The combination of imagery and sound provides a mirror through which our experiences are reflected. At age 17, I identified the emotional depth that I kept finding in those artistic moments where motion met music. Thus began my pursuit of a career in film composition. 

I have lived in Barcelona for the past 6 years, as my ancestry is Spanish. Born in Israel in 1990, I studied the violin as a child and later moved on to drum set.

I started my academic studies in 2012, studying film composition at Rimon School of Music in Israel. I moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2014 to continue my studies. I graduated from the department of contemporary Music Composition at Liceu Conservatori, Barcelona, and currently I am continuing my academic studies doing a Master degree in Berklee Valencia.

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